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The Proverbs Project

A book of wisdom, Proverbs lends itself to everyday life and decisions.  Now you can see Proverbs in a new way!  Vern Herschberger felt the call of God on his life to illustrate the book of Proverbs with cartoons – one for each verse – and The Proverbs Project was born.  The Proverbs Project is a book that all ages will enjoy.  Your children will want to read and share this book with friends.  Adults will receive new illumination for verses they have read for years and can now see in picture form and apply them to their life.  The sense of humor the Lord has given Vern shines in the The Proverbs Project.

Vern Herschberger has worked as a cartoonist for a major health education firm and an editorial cartoonist for several newspapers in Texas.

All the Proverbs were painted on 140# D’Arches handmade watercolor paper from France.

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