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We are professional software developers who love to make high quality apps for the insanely great iPad, iPhone and iPod.

It’s a small world after all

A premier iPhone app review site in France had requested to review Photo Effects-Weather last week. Camille had some kind words for us in a pretty elaborate review that went live yesterday. Of course, we had to use Google’s translator to read it.

Yesterday we got contacted by a British photography magazine that wants to do a review of Photo Effects-Weather. I think this review will even be in a printed magazine. How awesome is that? Wish I could get a copy somehow.

We’re now selling apps in 32 countries. That’s amazing to me. Very fun stuff.

Hey, we still need good reviews on the iTunes store. Please consider writing one if you like our apps. The lack of reviews has made me aware that I also need to write positive reviews for apps I purchase. How else will these companies grow and provide even more great stuff? Why are we motivated to write critical reviews instead of positive ones? Please use our website contact form to let us know how to make our apps even better.

Well, I better get back to working on the Father’s Day app,

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