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How To Install a Beta iPhone Application using Ad Hoc Distribution

Follow these steps to install software sent to you by Babcock, Ltd. This process is called “ad hoc distribution” and it’s Apple’s way of allowing Babcock, Ltd to send pre-release software to users for beta testing.

1. You should have already sent Babcock, Ltd your device ID. If not, follow the instructions HERE and wait for the Babcock, Ltd to send you an application configured to run on your device.

2. Unzip the file sent to you by Babcock, Ltd. You’ll see two files, one that ends in “.app” and one that ends in “.mobileprovision”.

3. Open iTunes and attach your iPhone.

4. Sync your iPhone.

5. In the panel on the left, click on Applications, under the Library section.

iTunes Sidebar

6. Select BOTH the “.app” and the “.mobileprovision” files and drag them into the Applications window. Both files must be dragged onto iTunes at the same time.

iTunes Apps

7. Sync your iPhone again.

You’re ready to start Beta testing!

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